Want to try something completely different ?

Check out our weekly Drum Circle in Dervish which has been running since 2006 . Drop in and discover all about the Djembe  Discover why Rhythms are played and when in Africa and how they can apply to and benefit your life.

Relax and meet like-minded people from all walks of life as you go at your own pace of learning.

There are 2 different classes – Beginners and Intermediate which are aimed at non musicians .Drums are provided but feel free to bring your own. 

   ( All classes are open and conducted on a drop in basis but please text to confirm your place.) 

Cork’s longest running drum-circle since 2002 is held every Thursday, upstairs at Dervish bookstore, on the Coal Quay/Cornmarket Street in Cork City.

The two weekly classes cater for both Beginner and Intermediate students every Thursday. These classes are aimed at people with no musical background.

The beginners class is a gentle introduction to West African Percussion on the Djembe and accompanying Dunun ( Cylindrical Bass Drums that accompany the Djembe).

In this class, we learn the basic fundamentals of the Djembe – Bass, Tone and Slap as well as timing, phrasing, intro calls, identifying where the pulse is, polyrhythms etc but most of all how to have fun.

In the early stage of our learning, we will often incorporate other rhythms from different parts of the world e.g Brazil, Ireland and Egypt,  to more contemporary ones such as Hip Hop  and Drum and Bass simply for variation and fun to get us playing

These classes are conducted in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with an emphasis on attention to the breath, posture and playing from a relaxed state of mind.

Often a typical class will include a warm-up stretch, a few minutes closing your eyes and simply breathing to get a sense of yourself and then going for it with the aim of producing sometimes fiery sometimes relaxing rhythms. All drums are provided with no obligation to sign up for classes. As classes are conducted on a pay as you go basis. What you can be guaranteed is that when you leave you will feel more energized and open after a session on the drums.

Intermediate classes

These classes are for students who have progressed with the basics in Djembe and Dunun.  From here we cover more in-depth how a West African Rhythm is put together.

A typical rhythm may have up to six different parts. We also learn how to play the accompanying Dunun or bass Drums ie Kenkeni, Sangba and Dunumba that accompany Djembe. These are typically played with forged iron bells and struck with a wooden stick on the skin. They form a polyrhythmic melody which continually runs alongside the Djembe.

Also covered are Breaks, Solo phrases, Timing, Bell patterns and an introduction to Ballet style Duns. It is recommended to bring a small recorder to record rhythms at the end of the class. Home practice is optional but encouraged.

In the Intermediate  class we also learn about the different families of rhythms and why they are played ie Initiations, Harvest Time, Full moon celebrations, Ramadan etc. Most of all we have fun and have respect for the culture from where it comes from.

From time to time there are opportunities to attend one-day workshops to progress further. These are a highly enjoyable day out of learning and a chance to meet like-minded fellow Drummers.

Class Times:      Beginners        7.10pm – 8.10pm     

                                   Intermediate  8.10pm – 9.40pm  

Price :     12e per class

Location: Dervish Bookstore & Holistic Centre, beside the Bodega Pub on Cornmarket St., Cork City Centre

Contact: Patrick on 087 2176460

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