Niteclubs and Promotions

Patrick’s ten years experience of playing live percussion with in-house Djs will be the rhythmical backdrop for any successful night at your club or establishment. Working for various events management companies throughout Ireland such as or Entertainment Ireland Patricks professional attitude, skill as a percussionist and punctual timekeeping keeps him highly sought after.

Using Congas, West African Djembe, Cowbells, Shekere and Udu Drum Patrick improvises over many different musical styles such as House, Rave, Latin, Hip Hop, Popular music. You name it, he can play it. The fiery sound of live percussion adds a unique atmosphere to any live event you may have planned.

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Ranging from meet and greet to crowd walk arounds our live percussionists add to any party atmosphere often helping to break the ice and revving up the atmosphere. Please discuss your needs and event plan with us.