African Drumming Ireland invites your company to experience the benefits, joy and sense of unity that Interactive, Drum Teambuilding creates. Drum Teambuilding is a positive, Proactive, rhythmical experience utilised by top companies worldwide that results in creating unity in the workplace.

Using African music, rhythm and the concept of village life as a metaphor our program promises to inspire, motivate and energise, leaving your company workforce ready to hear your message. In each event, the group creates a high impact, unifying sound that is greater than the sum of its parts. Studies have shown that the results of just one teambuilding experience alone increase productivity and more effective communication in the workplace. Our teambuilding session allows participants to explore different roles safely, connect, learn to communicate effectively in a non-verbal way and experience the joy and power of working together as a musical collective.


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The tools and methods we use are simple. Hands, drums, the voice, breath and simple body percussion are all that we utilise to inspire and give us a sense of being present to the rhythm.

Serving also as a fantastic icebreaker for conferences, training courses and corporate events we offer a feedback session

African Drumming Ireland - Teambuilding Workshop for Business Organisations

to participants on team performances, group dynamics, strengths and weaknesses of the group as a whole. An opportunity is also given to exploring leadership roles on the day, in a safe way. We focus on the specific needs and agendas of your organisation ensuring its success.

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